Friday, December 4, 2009

Old school fresh with a serious message!!!

self destruction to me haz alwayz been a monumental video that brought togetherthe majority of east coast rap artistz in the early 90'z to combat the sensless black on black crime that waz running ramped at the time. rapperz such az Kool moe dee, mc lyte, chuck d and flava flav, heavy d, and a host of otherz came out to lend their lyrical skill to stop the violence. Many become more intune with the stop the violence message, until they're not able to see the true stylish element of the video. in my opinion it embodiez wthe style of the early 90'z. You had many different stylez coming together. you saw many dapper dan dezignz with the MCM Jacketz and the red coofie style cap with the Gucci print. long leather coatz with the lapelz trimmed in fur and leather jacketz. Fresh sweaterz, and the flyest female rhyming in a fur hat and fur coat with such elegence and class. there hazn't been a video like it since. They tried on the west coast with that same gang junk, but to be honest it didn't mean the same thing. No disrespect to the west. but you'll never get a turn out like that for an nY video like that again. the clost they came waz ja-rule'z new york joint. but az big az it waz, it still didn't have every major ny cat up in it. too many egoz!!! plus ton the other hand too many rap catz now a dayz are too busy makin rapz promoting hood life until they feel if they deviated from it and pulled together, it would mess up their image.

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