Thursday, December 24, 2009

Control Ya Impulse part 9!!!!! I guess thatz what i'm on in the Impulse Seriez!!!!!

Letz talk history. Befor Impulse dropped their Sport Culture Cool line, they ventured into the dress casual arena with shoez like theze. Shoez that were comfortable and respectable enough to wear to a dress function. Theze type of shoez had the kill two birdz with one stone effect. You could wear them with jeanz and a button down shirt one day. And then you can wear them with a crew kneck sweater and khaki'z the next. When you look back at footwear, thiz whole phase came in around 2003 with the Steve Madden and Diesel foot wear boom. But where other companiez stopped offering theze stylez, Impulse never deviated. Becauze they understood that there waz a core audience that needed to be addressed. The market of individual that wantz to be classic, comfortable, but yet cool. No wild, edgy, trendy stuff. But a shoe that haz enough attitude to stand on itz own in the balance of an outfit!!! And theze shoez represent that idea and thought process. On theze particular onez they're uzing dropz of metallic and hintz of bright colorz. I can really see theze shoez in the club, for gentlemen who don't want to wear dress shoez. Button down shirt, jeanz, and yez a BLAZER(I'M KIND OF ANTI BLAZER AND JEANZ. WHAT? DON'T ACT LIKE UR NOT TIRED OF SEEING IT TOO!!!!LOL!). But with a navy indigo pair of jeanz(they look more dressy than other denim)and a good blazer(yez u can pull out the one with the graphic dezign!!!) theze shoez will be accented right, allowing you to be the life of the party. You have your fit, now just let your personality take care of the rest!!!! LOL!

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