Monday, December 14, 2009

True style kamikaze

I'm tired of theze statementz we style ur stylist, im ur favorite influencerz influencer, i'm ur trendesetterz, favorite trendsetter. man just wear the clothez!!!!! No need to speak it becauze the track record speakz for itself. Some may have their favorite style being in the city, state or country, whatever!!! but the people know whoze pushing it to the limit, stuntin hard, showing Integrety and taste and not selling out to trendz for the momment. really being thmselvez. All my style Kamikazi'z i say peace to!!! My dude Terone T-montgomery who co-started that FuZz lifestyle with me, iz definetly a Kamikazi, My dude Karl-Edwin Guerre the flyest photographer in the world stayz killin em. Many otherz, but they at my personal top!!!!!

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