Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Recently thiz year singer actress, Christina Millian got married to Singer/song writter the Dream in Rome. Now the big controversy izn't the wedding or their previous relatonshipz with other starz. The big to do waz made about The Dreamz choice of outfit for hiz wedding ceremony! When he choze to wear an off black tux with Nickerz(the shortz), black tightz and dress shoez. Now everybody seemed to have an opinion on it. To me i'm not a huge fan of the Nickerz and the tightz. Basicly becauze I hate shortz. But I do dig the outfit az a whole. Letz be real, if Andre 3000 wore thiz fit, the style world would go nutso saying itz cutting edge. But becauze itz dream he'z looked at az a weirdo. Apoze to what the majority think, I dig the way dream dressez. I've seen rapperz and R&B artistz who look worst. But I dig hiz bravery for stepping outside of the box. He letz the world know that he'z reppin for uz Fly Husky Gentz!!! But let me say thiz on the dreamz behalf, he must be doing something right. He pulled Nivea and Christina Millian. Now they maybe secondz from other more powerful starz, However thoze two are secondz that any man would love to have!!!

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