Saturday, December 26, 2009

Impulse Reactionz!!!!!!

Yez a couple Impulse Jointz for Christmas. Wouldn't be right. Copped the wine colored paten leather kickz!!!! They were a must!!! But what i'm really thankful to get my handz on are theze, Impulse tanish cream distressed wingtip Dress shoez from the 06 seazon(06-07 ish!!!). When I explane the signifigence of Impulse az a very seriouz dress shoe brand people look at me crazy. But theze hard bottomz are the example of how exquizit their shoez are. They go head to head with the top shoe companiez(don't feel like naming the competition anymore!!!). So for them to venture further into Sneakerz iz a mildstone. But theze wingtipz are going to definetly get work!!!!! Got a mean Cream, tan, and Gold suit thatz goin to do damage with thoze shoez at the HILLHOUZE VZ CROSS BASKETBALL GAME IN JANUARY!!!! REMEMBER SUCKAZ CONROL YA IMPULSE(pookie livez saying that!!!)

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