Monday, December 28, 2009


When it comez to style, there are two typez of individualz. The onez who change over time and then the onez who stay the same. Now yez everybody changez over time obviouzly. But when your able to hang on to the same image through out the agez. Most of all when ur able to stand up amongst all of the trendy hipsterz and still maintain the same level of style and grace and still present an air of cool, thatz remarkable. When I think of that, I think of old school cool dudez like Morris Day of Morris Day and the time. Yez the fly fashy brother who performed with prince and who led the group that birthed song writterz Jimmy Jam and terry louis. Now Morris haz thst power to walk in a room and command respect with style and class. I remember looking at an old album cover from way back, and seeing thoze mean Stacy Adamz Wingtip Daytonz!!!! Deffinetly a man of distinction in hiz own right. One thing that my uncle pointed out to me, waz he alwayz had hiz patened Over Coat on hiz shoulderz flow. Which if your a smooth cat addz an extra depth of style. Me personaly, when I'm feelin myself, I love the one shoulder out the sleeve situation. You Bespoke catz wouldn't know nothin about that!!!! To calculated for ya'll to imitate!!! But I tiltz my wide brim to Morris Day!!!

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