Friday, December 18, 2009

Death to fashion and embrace style in the afterlife.

yez in the bible it sayz life and death iz in the power of the tongue. And yez i'm not one for gloom and doom thiz early in the morning. man i've been on so many style sitez and blogz that are telling men how to dress until my head haz been spining. So many rulez and guidelinez!!!! It feelz like I have to be a fashion zombie without a personality. I respect the GQ rulez,however if i feel like wearing boat Shoez and argyle sockz in the dead middle of winter, I will do so!!!! Getting dressed shouldn't be about restrictionz or boundriez. it shouldn't be about being a carbon copy. it should be about trully pushing the limitz and expressing yourselvez. Fashion az we know it iz dead. Embrace your style in the afterlife!!!!

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