Monday, December 7, 2009

Pistol Wavin New Haven!!!!!!

Just ;ike many of the Urban City'z across the country New Haven, haz beenn known to be one of the most dangerous citiez around. Filled with people trying to be hard and tough. Life iz already complicated but we make it even more complicated when people allow their negative energy and rage to take over. Itz sad when people feel thingz are dead and corny when thingz are calm and orderly. Creating mischeif iz whatz on the mindz of many when they walk the street in search of victumz. IDK, I pray thingz get better in the city az it goez on. Just on sunday someone waz rushed to the hospital after a shooting. Then 2:00 that morning someone waz stabbed. Then last week another dude waz stabbed in the club 11 timez!! I don't know about ya'll but thiz stuff haz to stop. Find better wayz to channel agression. The other part iz thiz hood/gang stuff. I ain't tellin nobody to not be proud of here u come from. I'm a proud Hill resident for 24 yearz and i'm 24 yearz old!!!! but it doezn't mean I got to start killiin dudez from the rival hood becauze we don't like em. Any way, people we need to pray for better dayz.

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