Tuesday, September 14, 2010


O.k. i'm at thiz point where I like to blog about some of my favorite award show momentz. Especially when the said star waz dressed to kill while handling their business. In 1998 my favorite Rap group of all time the Wu-Tang clan waz nominated for a few Grammys. That year they were up against some pretty stiff compition with amongst them P-diddy(then known az Puff Daddy). Az the night began to wind down Wu fanz across the globe knew that they probably weren't going to win a Grammy. Basicly becauze the oddz were stacked up against them becauze they were an underground hip-hop group. So during one of the award presentationz, ODB took it upon himself to make it known that Wu-tang should have won. But I love how dirty said it "I paid a lot of money for thiz suit becauze I thought we were going to win!!!" Then he goez "Wu-tang iz for the children"!!!! Lol!!! OH MY GOSH THAT JUNK WAZ TOOOOO FUNNY!!!! But I loved it!!!! basicly becauze he waz taking a stance against how they were treating the wu!!!! At the time They didn't mind giving Diddy respect at the Grammy'z and other award showz becauze Diddy waz becoming bigger than just hip-hop. Thatz why at the time they had issuez with commercial hip-hop vs underground hip-hop. See what society wantz artistz to do iz bow out graceful and take the humble road and say i'm just thankful to be nominated. However itz hard when you sit back and see that your being over looked becauze your not the favorite. Thatz why they made such a big deal over kanye freaking out at last yearz awardz!! However, the difference in Kanye West and odb waz the type of individual. they looked at odb jumping on stage az a joke from the court jester. In kanye'z situation they felt he waz acting in spoild brat fashion and throwing temper tantrumz for no reazon. Both of them were drunk az ever, but one facez more public scrutiny than the other. Oh well, I'll just say thiz, love them or hate them they're individualz who verbaly said what waz on everybody'z mind. Thoze two individualz were just drunk enough to speak it!!!

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