Friday, September 24, 2010


yez we all know Lindsay Lohan iz going to jail. but I must say I waz really feeling her outfit az she made her way to the court room. Love her combination of a black blazer and cream high waisted skirt with the platform style peep toez heel caped off with black shadez. the rumor waz out that thiz outfit waz from her clothing line. Haz to be the best i've seen her. Dang why did she ruin her career? Iz alchohal really the best solution to getting rid of ya problemz??? the dayz of partying celebutauntz died in 08!!!!! Nobody carez about thiz celeb chickz iz skimpy party dressez getting patron wasted at the club smashing some random dude or kissing another female. Man too many average working class femalez are doing that in barz and clubz around america. So the real hype behind theze celebz doing it iz done!!!1 It just hurtz to see lindsay'z life take thiz donward spiral. Nobody really wantz to work with her becauze of the drama that surroundz her. Man, god bless that chick!!!!

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