Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Whatz FuZzN ladiez and gentlemen, Milt-Fresh here to talk to you guyz. I told you I waz going to stop leaving you guyz hanging. Just some random thoughtz. Well ladiez and gentlemen my summer iz officially over. Dang it waz a summer filled with many emotionz. I accomplished a heckof a whole lot. Yet I still feel I have some unfinished bussiness left over from the summer. But in my heart, I know it won't get finished. I guess itz back to the dailey grind. Starting new and fresh in another new situation. New situationz are hard getting uzed to. Well only Jesus can guide my path and walk with me every step of the way. Anyway my recent shoe purchasez have been destroying the streetz ozNew Haven az of late. I see um taking glimpsez then turning their headz lol!!!! Oh found out thiz summer that retail waz inblood thiz summer. Man my Milt-Fresh Pop up vintage store iz a huge succes. Haven't promoted on the blog like I should( like I promoted it on facebook, man everybody knowz about that joint). Found out a lot about demographicz since I've been in biz. No matter how much a man likez to front like a "BOSS" OR" A BIG DAWG", men are cheap az ever!!!!! There aren't huge drovez of men who shop til they drop. I guess i'm just the acception... Thank God the Rachel Zoe Project iz back on. Man i'm glad something iz back on to rezerect bravo. That house wivez mess iz getting old(i'm still an Atlanta Fan)!! I'm glad Brad Goreski got bumped up in Rachel'z styling firm ! I love seeing Rachel'z perspecive on fashion, vintage glam, runway, and ect... Vanity Fair'z international Best Dressed list iz full of lack luster celebz and royalty who are only judgedby bank accountz and instead of true style. Wow throwing Pharrell Williams in the Mix, how original? That workedfor me when he topped Esquire'z Best dressed list in 2005. But now???? We need new facez with real style. No disrespect to Pharrell cauze he helped shape the style culture. But how many timez can you tell uz about that Purple Croc Hermes Bag( I STILL RESPECT THAT BAG)... My Mama told me I still walk the same way, talk the same way, ever since I waz Ye!!!! Love that Solja Slim Line to thiz day!!! Haz to be one of my favorite rapperz out of New Orleans(R.I.P to dude) ... Man thiz iz really a dog eat world out here. It really iz survival of the fittest. Man My dad and I are still building on our clothing brand the Brown Collection. We plan on changing fashion one Dashiki Suit at a time. We plan on making non beleaverz into beleaverz!!!! My pookie veronica iz my inspiration iz my inspiration in life. Day by day she strivez and pushez hard to acheive her goalz while fighting against the oddz!!! Parentz alwayz say I don't want my children to have it hard az they did growing up. But at timez when one iz sheiled from hardship, you miss out on a life lessonz. Well people enough rambling for one night. Take care of yourselvez. Keep it FuZz

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