Saturday, September 18, 2010


Nick Vujicic iz a true example of how you can find joy in life through whatever situation your going through, be it good or bad. Thiz gent waz born without any limbz. I'm talking armz and legz, yet he'z still able to claim that god iz good and jesus iz lord. Not only iz he able to confess thiz, he preachez hope and joy to the world. Teaching them that there iz hope for every single person going through issuez. What makez hiz ministry so powerful iz that he still feelz god haz not desserted him while not having the activitiez of hiz limbz. Thiz bringz a whole new perspective to the statement of crying becauze you didn't have any shoez then you saw a man with no feet to use. Most people(including myself) go into depression over minor stuff. But thiz man haz speakz proud and bold in spite of hiz situation. Man listening to thiz young man ispirez me to keep pushing and beleaving in God for he holdz the key to my future. God placez individualz on thiz earth az examplez of hiz great workz!!

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