Friday, September 24, 2010


one of the greatest giftz that came out of the incident in the garden of eden waz the creation of fashion. when adam and eve dawned leavez and hid the bushez man waz reprogramed to be draped in fabricz az they inhabit the globe. Which leadz to the classic inigma of women'z fashion. What intreaguz me about women'z clothing iz the concept of soft and dainty figurez of beauty controlled by the universal symbol of sexy and class. which iz translated into great shoez and handbagz. on thiz blog showcase a lot of heelz and pumpz, however today i decided to feature handbagz from one of my favorite women'z linez coach. For over a decade Coach haz stood az one of the best women'z accessory makerz in the game. What createz such an uproar over there itemz iz the brandz ability to recreate their image every seazon. forcing handbag loverz to kep coming back everytime for the next hit. recently coach haz stepped outside of dezigning around their classic c logo to going more abstract. Never the one to shy away from what made them successful, they still offer their newly revamped logo collection for thoze who long for a classic. However, they've brought in a graffiti style edge capitalizing off of the success of louis vuitton'z stephen sprouse collection. Over all coach destroyz the game everytime. The company'z dezign team haz to stay stepz ahead in order to beat the bootleggerz to the punch. Coach iz one of if not the most bootlegged brand on the planet. In thiz case it seemz like the brand iz in competition with bootleggerz than other rival brandz. Man that'z scary, but it also makez for better creativity.

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