Tuesday, September 28, 2010

being thankful for the small thingz!!!!!

Az human beingz it'z difficult to really see thingz for what they really are. We are to consumed with the obvious detailz of life until we don't allow ourselvez to be greatful for the position that God haz placed us in. I have sat many of dayz and asked God why do I get placed in theze positionz over and over? Right in the midst of my struggle do I once think about the person who wishez they could be in my position. Hardshipz and all. The person in a wheel chair wishez they could stand upright. A blind individual wishez they could be blessed a glimpse of sight. But becauze of our instinctz of survival we only see the issuez that are in front of uz instead of looking at the bigger picture. I wish when calamity strikez I could freeze frame and see the over all situation. It would make life eazy. And at the end of the day life iz dezigned for stress. But peace of mind iz something that haz to be acheived.

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