Sunday, September 5, 2010


I can't wait for October when Social Network, the official Film documening the official Rize of Facebook. Itz crazy becauze the way thiz film iz geared it makez it look like Facebook waz the begining of Social Network sitez. I mean they've been going on sice 1999 with Black planet and Migente. Thoze sitez were riding high until myspace came on the scene in 2003. Then After Myspace had so many problemz with cyber bullying and child ubductionz many jumped ship and headed to facebook. Right now facebook iz the reigning champion in the war of Social Networking. But itz only a matter of time until something elze comez along. Success iz born every three secondz. When your oppurtunity comez you have to grab it. And thiz movie planz to add more hype to Facebook'z image. Thiz film iz a must see.

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