Thursday, September 2, 2010


I've alwayz had the highest respect for David Eden Exotic shoez. They've alwayz stood next to the Mauri company az stiff competion. But let me get to the chase thiz clear air force one mess haz to go!!!! It didn't work for Nike and they were the originatorz in thiz clear mess and started a wild frenzy back in 2006. I understand every company haz their version of the air force one sneaker but David Eden iz one brand that needz tostay away from thiz concept. It waz cool back 2001-03 when they uzed to make their own verzion of Air force onez with the authentic gator skin on them. At the time there waz nothing like it. And even Nike Bit the idea of making Croc skin and gator skin Air force onez. But in recent yearz they've gotten stupid with their ideaz. The David Eden brand can come up with a better variety of sneakerz than thiz!!! There iz no need to tag along on somebody elsez coat tail when you can create your own identity! Thiz iz just plain laziness ! I wouldn't be caught in a ten foot radius of theze thingz!!!!

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