Sunday, September 19, 2010


So last sunday night, waz obviously the MTV awardz and the most taslked about subject waz kanye west and hiz performance. It killed me that up unil Kanye hit the stage all they could talk about waz last yearz incident where he bum rushed the stage and took the mic from Taylor Swift. But Ye'z performance put a pin whole in the mouthz of the suckaz who waited for hiz down fall. Hiz song Letz take a toast waz fitting for the event. It waz also a plus bringin Pusha-T from the clipse in to really shead light through hiz lyrical word play. Az far az Kanye'z Red suit, black v-kneck and chainz number...I'm a fan of the red Suit, the jacket Should be a little longer. THAT V-KNECK IZ A NO GO!!!!! I HATE V-KNECK T-SHIRTZ!!!! MAN CLEAVAGE IZ NASTY!!!!!!! I respect the Gold Chainz((been doin gold chainz and suitz). I'm proud that he pulled out hiz red Louis Vuitton kickz he did for hiz line. It had been agez since I saw anybody wear any of hiz kickz since sept 09. Im glad he still keeping that alive. The two shoe dealz with LV and Nike were a mildstone for him. Proud to see him back on on top.

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