Monday, January 11, 2010


Man I remember when Busta Rhymes inked thiz deal to create hiz own shoe on GBX'Z footwear line. Thiz waz around the time rapperz started diving head first into clothing linez. Looking back at the shoe I have say It wazn't a bad shoe. I waz really fond of the red pair. If u were going to buy a Wallabee inspired boot thiz waz ur safest bet. Lugz only made good wallabees, but they're wally bootz were straight trash!!!! But GBX alwayz did both wally'z and wally bootz(the bushi'z) with great class. GBX changed the game buy putting the gbx tab on their wally'z. You see clarkz even bit their style 10 yearz later. Man I had to have been a freshman in high school when theze dropped. It waz also around the time when they were uzing Red Man in their adz!! If i'm not mistaken he uzed to be in gBX adz with a Wu-wear jacket. man go figure, that waz the age where stuff like that happened. Az a whole I often wonder what happened with that Busta Rhymes Bushi shoe deal. Becauze It had the makingz to be powerful if they just did two more modelz. man what happened to hiz clothing deal period111??? It went strong for 2000, buy 2001 you couldn't find nothing in the storez!!! Gosh!!!! Even Fat joe'z FJ560 went strong til 03!!! but all and all, their mean shoez. I would defintly wear them if they were back out on the market.

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