Friday, January 1, 2010


Happy New Year everyone, hope everybody ain't party themselvez out!!!!! LOL! Me, I just brought in the New Year with my family in church. Alwayz been a tradition. Many even when I waz in my party dayz i've never partied on New Yearz eve. Alwayz felt I had to bring in the New Year on the right path. Not filled ruckus. I personally have a lot to be thankful for. I'm glad that my family and I are together. We may have our up'z and downz but we're still making it work. I love my mom and dad. They're my honest true friendz besidez being my parentz. My other true honest friend iz my pookie gurl who iz also the love in my life, the woman who comfortz me and lightz my life. Like I alwayz said, she respectz Milt-Fresh but she'z in love MILTON!!!! Wha Eve say back in the day, Passenger side of a bentley or the number two bus!!! I mean even though I never Road the city bus in my life(true story, I'll walk befor I take the bus) but you get the point!!! LOL! I'm also thank god for the many oppurtunitiez I've had over the yearz, and glad to still have them coming my way. Like I told the church congregation, I'm trying capture the moment in 2010. Becauze I feel it in my bonez. Thingz have been happening behind the scenez of the Milt-Fresh Experience. And ladiez and gentlemen many will be revealed to you in the weekz and monthz to come. But just know, u guyz will be the first to know. I waz talkin to my pookie, and I waz telling her, I can't beleave that thiz Blog waz actually three yearz old. For three yearz I've been documenting to the world the pure unadulterated FuZz. Everything of thiz lifestyle that i've been promoting. Some have been for and some have been against it. But no matter what Itz a powerful force that will be unstoppable. The Milt-Fresh Experience iz like a pamphlet, more so like Thomas Payne'z common sense. Sheading light on the bigger picture of style. So many style bloggerz and writerz pushing rulez, ideologiez and thoughtz on people and leaving creativity on the sidewalk like Bad Furniture. And thatz where we come in. But trust 2010 we will be on the move binging u nothing but the real FuZz. stay rekcus free in 2010.

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