Saturday, January 9, 2010


PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCMENT TO ANY AND EVERY OTHER SHOE BRAND OR COMPANY COMIN OUT IN 2010, STEP YA GAME UP!! GBX IZ COMING FOR YA KNECK!!!!!! I REPEAT GBX IZ COMING FOR YOUR KNECK. When I got the E-mail on theze jointz I couldn't beleave my eyez!!!! I haven't seen GBX go hard like thiz since their Boat Shoe boom in spring 08. And once again they deliver with a viverat collored desert Boot thatz about to send a heat wave through the Shoe world. They're made of cow suede and they come in many different assorted colorz. From Lime green/black/ white, grey/ red/ yellow, mustard black/orange, purple/yellow/white, Navy/orange/white and black/ red grey/ white. oh and i forgot to mention on the back of the heel they're coverd with paten leather and trimmed on the front az well. You guyz should already know my favoritez(the lime greenz, greyz, and the purple. The thing about desert bootz are that they are the less popular cousin to the more popular wallabee mocs. However, as of recently, a lot of brandz have been putting out more desert bootz becauze that quality. But GBX iz able breath new life into thiz style of shoe. Now one thing I want you to see iz the bottom sole of the shoe. Look familiar to you? Lookz like GBX iz controling itz Impulse!!!! LOL! Nah no biting, GBX iz the sister cbrand to Impulse in the harbor footwear chain!!!! Trust GBX, Giorgio Brutin and Impulse are going to be dominating the scene in thiz up coming year. Jarbor footwear izn't playin with u guyz!!! Milt-Fresh iz gonna do hiz best to keep you abreast!!!!! JUNK IZ GETTING DANGEROUZ!!! Thankz Barry!!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Ok My Favorite ones Are 1st 2nd 4th and 5th. I Really like these babe and i can so see these on your feet.