Saturday, January 9, 2010

The flyest store for todayz well dressed full figured female!!!!!! TORRID

Yez I know ya'll sayin, Milt-Fresh, ur showing woman'z clothing!!! Yez it'z true, ur screen iz not deceiving u. no i'm not a man submerged in stylish Sexizm. I just feel there are many blogz that are dedicated to woman'z style and fashion. but there aren't many dedicated to men'z style. And if they are more men style drivin, THEY'RE WACK(TIRED OF SEEIN BLOG POSTZ OF JORDANZ AND G-SHOCK WATCHEZ)!!!!! But I decided to do a post on my favorite female storez Torrid. I became familiar with the storethrough MY POOKIE, WHO KILLZ EM ONLINE ALL THE TIME!!!!Torrid waz introduced to the area they rebuilt the Milford Post Mall back in 05-06. At the time the storez were experiencing a drought az far az stocking wrackz with sick stylez(thiz waz befor the boho chic look waz deamed acceptable amongst chickz in new haven and chickz went back to being fashion foward!! Just stating factz!!). But Torrid carriez itemz that went above and beyond the call of duty, when it came to female clothing. Further more it'z the best store for the Flyest Full figured Femalez. Dressez, heelz, and ect. But my pookie iz the one who really made me fall in love with them. Everytime I see her she haz something ill from their store. I waz noticing her jeanz last night and i waz like, them jointz iz tough with thoze purple heelz(My bad for the dark picz, they really don't do them justice!!!!!). We had a convo about the jeanz and she waz telling me that Torrid makez their own jeanz. checking out their site I grew to love their on line store even more. Through my research i also found out that Torrid iz also a subsidiary of GOTHIC STORE HOT TOPIC(man everybody iz trying to capitalize on the market)! Which in a sense iz not shocking becauze there are itemz that they sell, that have an edge to them.

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Ok Babe So I So love This Blog About one of The hottest Female Stores in The Milford mall Lol Torrid is Really The Best Online But Don't Get Me Wrong The In Store Things Are Nice Too, Its just that it's a bigger variety online. Job Well Done Babe