Thursday, January 28, 2010


It alwayz interestz me to see where dress shoe dezignz blow. A couple yearz ago everybody waz color heavy. then they wnt denim. Then other brandz were dezign heavy. They've done crossez and dragonz. You name it, it'z been out. Giorgio Brutini haz been rather good with keeping up in the war of men's hard bottomz. they've masterd the whole midevil vibe rugged vibe for three seazon'z straight. yez they still beleave in flashy flamboyant colorful footwear. However, like they're parent company, harbor footwear they aim to reach the massez by being able to appeal to different tastez. I mean theze shoez are for the the jeanz and blazer typez. Yez i know i'm being stereotypical, playing off of demographicz, but when you look at clothez, itz in order. Theze shoez stroll on the dark side, a mystery
stride. Now you may ask would i wear them? The answer iz yez. With theze shoez becauze of them being dark, they have a heavy dezign on them which allowz for one to have many optionz. Some shoez don't allow for optionz with the balance of outfitz. But thze jointz are silently dangerouz!

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