Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Man I love uzing theze jointz to make pointz about style. To me everytime i get on twitter, facebook, blog, or whatever itz alayz some nut makin up style rulez az they go. some pretentiouz insecure sucka subliminally talkin junk about somebody elze. man at timez the wordz are directed my way. trust I hear the people talkin!!! But trust understand thiz ain't street fighterz or mortal kombat!!!! Thiz iz real life. The clothez that we wear, the stylez we submerge ourselvez in, and the attitudez we carry will die off and will go out of style. However, the bad karma that goez along with it will follow u forever!!! pleaze people style responsibly!!!! no need for the battle. Leave the fighting to Sub Zero and smoke!!! I speak like thiz becauze there iz no compitition!!!!!! LOL!!!

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