Saturday, January 16, 2010


Did a lil shopping today and came up on some Dangerouz junk!!!! Last week on my trip the hat store I ppeped thiz Kangol tweed player(itz what kangol iz calling them). The colorz are wild!!!! the red, green and yellow will deffintly work. I don't uzually wear fedora style hatz!!!! Theze freakin Jeanz and blazer club night suckaz really abuzed that look!!! but i dig what kangol iz doing with theze hatz. very fresh!!!! anyway, on to my Micheal Korz hat and scarf set. Now I know what ur saying? Milt, u Going Louis Vuitton don on uz?? LOL! No but I'm a huge fan of Michel Kor'z MK design itemz. And trust theze jointz will deffinetly get work out here!!!

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