Wednesday, January 13, 2010

For the love of the FuZz; DJ Cassidy

Dj Cassidy haz to be one of my favorite dresserz in the musik industry. I say that becauze he really pushez style to the limit. Who can forget hiz imfamous pink suit and red bow-tie number for hiz birthday party and last yearz b-day party with a red suit. Talk about a ma Fly white guy!!!! but at the Milt-Fresh experience, FuZzdoezn't deal with race, but stigma'z do. He'z able to wear seriouz bold colorz and not be afraid of what the massez think. but most of all he doez it with such exuburence and youth. even when he breakz out the sneakerz and a suit he doez it clean. Alwayz a pair of adidas'z!!!! but the thing iz he seemz to alayz stick to two major bold colorz. Pink and red. I would like to see him in other colorz but hey, itz part of hiz look. I mean itz ill to see a dude not be afraid to pull off pink. It killz me that in 2010 men are still afraid to wear pink!!!! Pink haz been killed 50 million timez over! Any way dj cassidy waz honored by us weekly az one of the most stylish New Yorkerz(the list iz kind of wack but he dezerved the honor)!!! He also collaborated with Rockport on a limited edition pair of Red and Pink Boat shoez. Yez throwing hiz hat in az another Celebrety doing shoe! but the boat shoez are rather tough, I can't be hater! but i like DJ cassidy becauze he'z a great offset to Mark Ronsen! Everybody talkz mark Ronson thiz, mark Ronson that! Yeah he'z got style, but DJ Cassidy makez stle look so youthful! Where Mark Ronson getz too submerged into Bespoke. just my opinion!!!

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