Saturday, January 9, 2010

out with my Mrz.!!!!!!

After the end of a weird week, I waz glad to go to dinner with my baby gurl Veronica. Man we had a ball together. We went to our spot olive Garden. don't look down ur noze at Olive Garden, they beat the majority of theze chain resterauntz handz down!!!! Any way, we laughed and joked, we talked about everything that waz going on. Wazn't too many haterz out, just people who were astounded at the FuZz!!!more so a chill atmosphere. Which iz needed when when ur trying to unwined. Thingz were good, but they sat some wild austrian dude and hiz family in a booth behind uz!! them suckaz waz havin a belching/burping contest!!!! MAN THAT WAZ SICKNING!!! But they didn't stay long. After dinner we just laid back and chilled. i'm tellin u, therez nothing like spendin time with the one u love!!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Oh babe this night was the best i loved dinner and anight cap with you and your right theres nothing like spendind time with the one you love.