Friday, January 1, 2010

Joint the Argyle Culture!!!!!

YEZ YEZ I KNOW YOU'RE ALL SAYING MILT-FRESH, AND ARGYLE COMING TOGETHER IN THE SAME SENTENCE!!!???Yeah it iz a shock. But my problem with Argyle sweaterz haz been the redundancy of clothing brandz from high end brandz to low end department storez, that sell the same boring, and drab argyle sweater. Over the monthz in the spring monthz i've shown u guyz peicez from my own personal wardrobe that put a new spin on Argyle sweaterz. But it wazn't until the king of Argyle Himself, Russell Simmons stepped outside the Phatfarm line, to develop a new brand with a sleeker, upscale feel dubbed Argyle Culture. And their main focus... Yez you guessed it, Argyle Sweaterz. Now my whole take on Argyle iz pretty simple, find new wayz to revive a classic. Find new and exciting dezignz to make the argyle sweater fresh and new. And Uncle Russy didn't disappoint me!!! I myself own a couple sweaterz from the argyle collection and they work great with the rest of my wardrobe. But letz be real, who elze could sell argyle to the massez other than Russel Simmons. For decadez Russ haz worn nothing but Argyle Sweaterz, alwayz known for merging Street and Prep together. In 98 Phat Farm represented that. You could see a dude walkin around with a Phat Farm Argyle Sweater, dress shirt, Khaki Pantz and timbz and dudez would look fresh. But over the yearz Phat Farm went through many changez. And so did the argyle sweater az whole, (thank you mr. west!!!!). And yez I've grown sick of them. But Russel haz restored my faith in them with the Argyle Culture Brand. The majority of the key itemz u see in thiz post I would actually wear(minus the hoodiez, jacketz and the SHORTZ!!!!). NOT THE WAY THAT THEZE DUDEZ ARE WEARING THEM!!!! LOL! But the peicez are deffinetly ill though.

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