Tuesday, November 9, 2010


More and more Swizz Beatz iz becoming one of my favorite style beastz in the world of entertainment. Hiz look haz become more epic yet refined. But what people are really drawn to iz hiz taste level. Everything from hiz taste in clothez, carz and even artwork iz very exquisit. Thiz particular photo waz posted on twitter few hourz ago befor he hit a GQ magazine event. Here Swizz'z outfit iz very sleek. It haz a relaxed yet dapper feel to it. He pairz a leather jacket and jeanz with a dress shirt and bow-tie. Followed by hiz pattened driver cap with a big closing finisher on hiz feet. He destroyz everything moving with a pair of peanut butter brown croc skin loaferz and turquoise blue sockz just to add a wow factor. From the hat on down to the jeanz iz muted(color wize). But from the ankle to the foot iz where the outfit really blowz the mind of on lookerz!!!! What I would call the element of surprize!!!

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