Saturday, November 6, 2010

RED HOT!!!!!

On my blog there are some celeb'z that I try to stay away from becauze they alwayz receive press for being well dressed! Rihanna iz one of thoze artistz. Nothing against her but I like to bring forth fresh fruit to fold of style. However, there are acceptionz. And thiz outfit Ri def getz a hat tilt in book. I loved how her jacket playz up to her red hair color and iz broken up with the white and black skirt. In thiz pic she doezn't look like the edgy rockstar chick. She actually lookz like she could be an extra on the real housewivez of atlanta. And that'z not a diss, thatz a compliment!!!! Def love thiz look on her. Further more the look screamz hollywood starlet or bevery hills bomb shell!!!

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