Saturday, November 6, 2010


A question I often ask myself in the middle of sending text'z and E-mailz. I know thiz iz strange coming from a blogger who haz built half of hiz noteriety from the internet. Howerver, I feel that the over consumption of technology haz weakened the motor skillz of the human race. Whatz wild iz each advancement in the technological feild haz a hand of intelegence in the mixture. But, when put to use in our everyday life it standz az a crutch. Like when we jump on the subject of texing. It'z one of the greatest formz of communication uzed today. At the same time it'z one of the most impersonal and coldest wayz to communicate to another human being. When you text somebody it allowz you to get your point across without having to be interupted in a conversation. However, whaqt doez that do with your social skillz? sooner or later you will have to converse with thiz person without the use of text or E-mail. Be it in person or on the phone your conversation will be filled with awkward silince. But az a whole i'm not downing the use of technology. I'm just questioning how much of it do we actually need? Az cell phonez and computerz become more advanced everything becomez more easier to attain. At the click of a mouse everything happenz at a rapid and easy pace. Soon our patience wearz thin and we have become more spoiled becauze everything at our access. When do we say enough iz enough for our personal well being??? Or do we just become technilogocal advanced zombiez feeding off the energy of a blackberry. God forbid if the battery diez out!!!!

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