Saturday, November 20, 2010


When we talk about women'z shoez it'z safe to say they have a lot of optionz. However, a lot of women are faced with the same issue az men. Many are tired of having to deal with the same uniform standard when getting dressed. Yez a woman alwayz lookz great in a pair of heelz, we understand that concept!!! It'z a given!!! Capatilizing off of the rejuvination of the hipster scene in New York,there haz been
an influx of men'z inspired shoez for the female population. And storez like Forever 21 are capitalizing on the success. Theze shoez allow femalez to bring a more funkier edge to their outfitz. My favorite haz to be the mettalic silver becauze they're def a stand out shoe. Personally az a man i'm trying to wrap my handz around the perfect pair of men'z mettalic silver shoez!!!! In my opinion I feel the other two pairz are more versitile becauze the can work well with everything. From a great pair of navy blue indigo jeanz to a pantz suit you'll def have you tipping on the tight rope!!! LOL! yes I had to use the Janelle Monae reference becauze she iz the queen of thiz movement with the classic oxford shoez.

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