Wednesday, November 10, 2010


My biggest complain with Drake iz usually about hiz lack of style. Once in a while drake may pull out a Commes Des Garcons t or sweater, but outside of that itz simple t'z, jeanz, sweat shirtz/pantz. But Drizzy pulled a shocker on me for Lil Wayne'z Welcome Home party. I love the Mettalic navy blue dinner jacket. He allowz it to the main focal point of the fit. If thiz waz a kanye you know he would have pulled out the matching metalic blue dress shoez (Lanvin jointz probably). But with drake I'm realising therez a method to hiz madness. Drake may not have the "swaggerific"(I know i'm corny for uzing the word Swagger)az letz say a birdman with wild jewelry and clothez. But, it comez to me he understandz the power of having old money. Even though he'z a fairly young rapper and still talkz about blowing money, he also talkz about ageing wine, and the finer thingz in life. He understandz that it'z not alwayz cool to flash what you have. A millionare could be sitting right in front of you, but you would never know it becauze he'z dressed simple. Remember people flaunt young money. But, old money speakz for itself. Ok back to drake'z outfit, I give it a b+. A nice touch of flash for an evening of debauchery.

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