Friday, November 26, 2010


Ladiez and Gentlemen i'm back with the "For the love of the FuZz" segment of my blog. The portion in which we highlight an individual for their style effortz. Today we showcase an old school legend in the world of R&B, Mr. Charlie Wilson of the Gap Band. What I love about Uncle Charlie iz that he haz a way of blending new school and old school lookz in order to create a look that can trandsend generationz. For one letz start with hiz choice of head wear. Unlike fellow old school R&B great Ronald Isley who keepz head coverd in wide brimz and godfather hatz, Charlie Wilson wearz nothing but fedoraz. Fedora'z at thiz point are all the rage amongst the hipsterz, smooth catz, the party ragerz, and ect. Which addz that cool slick new school edge to hiz fitz. Followed by shadez which are staple of hiz. From their we go to the main course of the outfit, the suit. When usually photographed he'z usually wearing a black suit, with loud bold accessoriez. Be it a wild bold gold or baby blue dress shirt. But then just when you think you have Mr. Wilson pegged he may pull out a white suit just for that added wow factor on stage. But then he haz enough edge to pull out the mean blazer, jeanz, dress shirt, fedora, and dress shoez number. Personally I have to stand and applaud when a vet killz the scene with a jeanz and blazer number. It strikez fear in the heartz of the young buckz who are trying to dress.

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