Thursday, November 11, 2010


The Sneaker/shoe endorsement haz been high on the achievment scale for many African Americanz in the entertainment field. Everybody haz the Micheal Jordan Fantasy of being picked to represent a shoe company. Just think how would have been if Micheal Jordan would have been signed to Converse in the 80'z like he waz supposed to??? We wouldn't have the iconic jumpman logo that still standz az a leading symbol in sneaker culture today. Since the dayz of the Jordan 1'z sneakerz and shoez all together have gone through drastic changez. Besidez sneaker dezignz progressing or reverting back, the marketing technique behind the footwear haz gotten more and more strategic. In the 21st century it haz become less about selling sneakerz and more about selling an image. Thiz iz why the majority of shoe companiez tap into individualz who have edge, taste, and better yet a cult following. You don't have to be a basketball player to have your own sneaker anymore. Matter of fact in most casez the idea of an athelete with their own shoe iz played out. Now of dayz Rapperz have a better chance of getting shoe dealz. One in particular thiz year One opf California'z brightest Rap starz Nipsey Hussel (pictured holding the blue and yellow pony sneakerz with the tommy polo shirt on) waz tapped by Sneaker brand Pony to come out with a limited edition sneaker. The design for hiz kickz were blue and yellow in representation of hiz hood colorz crenshaw and hiz slauson boyz crew. More so they uzed hiz image to draw street cred to their brand. Another person whoze Style savy waz uzed to sell hiz line of kickz waz super producer and kanye west'z number one pick for fashion genius Taz Arnold. Recently California Sneaker entity Stampd LA called on Mr. TISA(taz is so arnold) himself to lend hiz hand into creating a set of three sneakerz dedicated to the heartz of fashion loverz alike. Each pair waz designed with the influence of major luxury fashion brandz such az Gucci, Goyard, and Fendi with a the Taz Arnold signature twist. Last but not least haz to be the most interesting becauze of the two individualz who are involved. One of the leaderz in sailing footwear Sebego teamed up with Nexus to create a New wave of Boat Shoez. For thiz they called on the help of Men'z fashion Bloggerz of Street etiquette Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs. What had to be the most powerful thing iz they're not in the music industry nor are they atheletez. They're fashion bloggerz who have a sought after fan base that waz perfect to represent Sebego'z effortz. More than anything brandz are looking for people who can make a statement to sell itemz. For the Shoe company itz big business. But for the individual it'z mildstone. To say that you've designed your own shoe iz remarkable. Better than winning a championship. To walk the streetz and see millionz of individualz all over the globe wearing your footwear sayz something.

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