Sunday, November 7, 2010


I have a theory and alwayz seemz to stick. If you want to see what true extravigence iz, look at black commedianz. Through out the decadez black comedianz have strived to alwayz maintain a cool slick edge when onstage performing every night. And lord don't let em get a Comedy special!!!!! You know they're going to bring the style out!!!! Case and Point Eddie Murphy and hiz imfamous red leather suit he wore during hiz Delirious comedy special. I mean letz be real, it waz 1983!!!! To be honest theze stand up jointz are what really launched Eddie Murphy'z career. Many people clown hiz red leather fit, but thiz red leather fit!!!! But be real, you have to be remembered some how!!!! He got dressed with the idea that thiz might be the last time you might see me on television. And most African American comedianz dress like itz their last time on television, so they have to go hard!!!! And looking at the suit letz me know how much leather getz reinvented through the decadez. Leather pantz alwayz findz itz way back into pop culture. And more recently Kanye West style'z now seem to channel Eddie Murphy during 83. Trust one way or another trendz haz away of coming around again.

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