Saturday, November 20, 2010


It'z interesting seeing the productz that certain brandz create in order to gain a core following. A brand like Stacy Adams haz obviously been a leading name in the dress shoe culture for decadez. Understanding that the average gentleman that wearz their shoez lovez to get dressed in nothing but the best suitz, they decided to incorperate shoez into their signature line. Now Stacy Adams haz decided to tackle the time piece arena by adding their own brand of luxury watchez to the mix. Being a watch collector I would def wear them. Specially because Stacy Adams is one of my favorite brandz. The price point for their watchez izn't bad neither, $97.00. If you understand men'z watchez you'd understand the pricing. I do feel that theze type of watchez could do without the "bling". But what can you say? It doezn't take away from the watch neithrer. Az time goez on I think the brand will come out with an even better selection. But thiz iz def a great start.

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