Wednesday, November 3, 2010


It'z not to often that I embrace ideaz that are shared by a mainstream audiance, however I must say i'm a huge fan of thiz thiz 13 min film. Dubbed the influencers thiz film waz put together by Paul Rojanathara and Davis Johnson to strike a cord in the heartz of people. When you think of how trendz start, they start with one single individual. One person who saw the vision befor everyone else. Then that vision caught the eye of otherz and became a wide spread epidemic. Thiz film digz goez deeper than just a brand or a particular item. I documentz the effect idea haz on the mind set of followerz. Tracking how a trend can start in the underground and wined up becoming a mainstream concept. If you're on youtube or vimeo look thiz film up!!!! Def a powerful film for thoze with the patience to watch how one person can make strategic movez thatt can influence a culture.

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