Tuesday, August 24, 2010

young dro still the flyest from the south!!!!

Mry man polo dro stayz goin hard with that down south Preppy style. Man what hardcore rapper could come out with a yellow blazer, dress shirt, bow-tie, khaki shortz,sockz and gucci loaferz, and still maintain his street image. Dro takez takez the preppy style and pushez it to the limit. But itz wild how five six yearz ago thiz iz how a lo,t of dudez uzed to dress. Minus the blazer and bow-tie'z, street hustlerz uzed to emerce themselvez in Ralph Lauren, tommy hilfiger,nautica, the original perry ellis, joe boxer(befor being sold in walmart). I remember goin to the mall in North Carolina when I was in the 8th and seeing street dealerz in the mall wearing bright color Polo sweaterz dress shirtz , jean shortz, with Jordan'z. Man that waz a fly era for the south. I mean you could tell a dude from the south any where. Once the throwback jersey took flight in the urban streetz across america it made everybody look the same. But i'm glad dro still keepz the style alive. Dro haz put a lot of effoort into repping the preppy polo lifestyle to the fullest. He'z gone az far az to naming hiz mixtapez P.O.L.O. He also went on record by saying Ralph Lauren needz to cut him a check for permotion. Man everybody swearz Ralph Lauren waz boring befor they wore it. And if I see another been had polo video on Youtube i'm going hurt someone!!!! Man Kanye waz lucky just to get a meeting with Ralph Lauren. Even though Ralph Lauren owez a lot of success to the Urban Community and hip-hop, hewould never mention the fore runnerz who put hiz brand on the map. And to be honest to an extent I wouldn't neither. But dro'z still the flyest cat crushing it in the south.

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