Friday, August 20, 2010


Bought theze Antonio Zengara all black floral print jointz couple dayz ago. I had been meaning to buy them after buying the white pair which are some of the pride of my collection. Now if your going to do a black shoe thiz iz the rout you go!!! IF YOU HAVE THE BALLZ!!!!!! LOL! I keep forgetting that most men are afraid to live on the edge of style. But men sit on the side linez and front like they wanna go hard but they're scared az ever. Man to reach my level you have to really say screw everything you ever thought waz cool, hip, in or in the know and just move to what you feel. I had a conversation with my boy'z mother not too long ago and she waz talking to me about my style not being popular. I told her whatz popular are itemz that people would look down their nozez at 2, 3, 4, 5 yearz ago. I remember when telling people that Levi'z are the original denim company. But back in high school dudez were like, nah man Pelle pelle, and Enyce waz the only authenic junk out here!!! Now dudez are out here saggin levi 501'z like they've been the way, the truth, and the light for decadez!!!!! But when i point it out to the same people they have no choice but to say, Milt your dead right . My boy'z mother finally told me I waz right, let them have to keep up with you. I speak the Gospel when it comez to thiz style junk, becauze itz sooooo man lost soulz out here, and the outer garment depictz what the soul iz carrying. I didn't come here to preach about a pair of shoez, hey it just happenz like that lol!

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Anonymous said...

I just love these shoes , I can see my husband walking around in them with his fine self ,where can I get them and how much will these pair of beauful shoes set me back! Got to get them Christmas is here love!!!