Sunday, August 22, 2010


Out of all of Jesus'z desciplez in the bible, Peter haz to be the most relatable individula out of the bunch. Peter like many modern day christianz, waz very sincere when it came to following Jesus, however there were many timez where he just got the whole concept Wrong. And when the pressure waz on he cracked. Hiz loyalty waz alwayz in question. From the moent he sliced off the roman solider'z ear when they went to take jesus captive, to the very moment he denied jesus. Many deamed him a turn coat for denying Jesus. However, what Peter did waz suppozed to happen in order to make sure man waz saved. But the wild part iz peter never forgave himself. He went on for decadez preaching and teaching the word of God, until hiz own crucifiction. And even then he orderd to be crucified upside down becauze he felthe wazn't worthy to go out like Jesus went out. But it'z wild, how many timez in our livez do we unworthy in the sight of god, but he haz already forgiven uz. Themain morl iz wejust have to forgive ourselvez.

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