Saturday, August 21, 2010


The big up roar recently on Facebook (amongst thoze on my friendz list)in the past few dayz haz been about getting out of New Haven and relocating to bigger citiez. Since i waz in the sixth grade the talk about leaving New Haven had been the talk amongst many of my classmatez and frienz alike. And over the yearz the talk haz grown more and more rampid. I mean even when you ask the generationz under us how they feel about the matter, they are quick speak the same wordz. Many have even grown to hate the hometown dubbed the Elm City for various reazonz. Some are finding it hard to find jobz in thiz area. Otherz are fed up of the rash of street violence and neighborhood beef that haz destroyed city blockz plus haz claimed livez in the process. While many are just bored with the entertainment/nightlife scene that the city haz to offer. Me being a resident of New Haven, CT all my life I might be the only person who lookz at New Haven with a positive outlook. Personally haz the city left a bad taste in my mouth over my 25 yearz and living???? LORD YEZ, MOST DEFINETLY!!!!! However, I don't blame theze small town issuez on the small town. I blame it on the small town mindz that have helped create the issuez for the small town.
New Haven iz one of theze citiez in Connecticut where itz full of promise and hope, however there aren't many that are willing to step to the forefront and help change it. The quickest solution many have iz to leave it. Like the bible sayz the harvest in pleantiful but the laborerz are few. Many that dwell in the city are caught up in other issuez. However when situationz arize thatz when people are ready to talk ill about the city. New Haven haz everything to offer that any othe metropolitan city haz to offer.
The nightlife in New Haven rivalz any other city in the state. Crown Street in downtown New Haven haz numerouz Clubz and trendy resterauntz that can have you at a different place every night of the week. But when people bring their hate, greed, and selfishness to any bar or dancefloor you've already created blood shead in what do you think iz going to happen? How can you try to have fun in a hostile atmosphere where club go-erz and employeez are az equaly hostile??? Then people talk about they want to club in other citiez!!! Man pleaze!!! The some of the same people speaking like thiz are the people who are helping to create drama for New Haven. The moment you've made a sly, slick, or nasty remark and comment about anybody, you've already put the city at risk for danger. For you don't know what'z on the mind of the person on the receiving end.
Aside from the city being volitile the low employment rate haz many seeking to relocate. I can understand the thoughtz behind thiz becauze it'z becoming hard to live and raize a family in thiz type of economy. And you have to go where you can seek the best employment. But, az long az the economy continue to stand on shaky ground, the smaller thriving citiez will alwayz feel the pinch. The sad part iz many who try to relocate to theze big citiez of dreamz, are having a hardtime to adjusting to the fast pace lifestyle, and get lost and find themselvez back home in the Elm City. The flipside iz there are people who have lived in theze high life citiez and are tired of the hustle and bustle. Tired of having to maintain and would love live simple and easy.
But one of the biggest arguementz people in New Haven have iz being able to get the citiez untaped talent to the forefront. Amongst the City streetz of the Elm There'z vast talent. Rapperz, singerz, actorz, actressez, fashion dezignerz, modelz, and ect. However, the talk amongst many of the citiez local talent iz that there iz lack of support from nativez in the area.
Itz hard to push a product of any sort when the people you live and dwell with everyday refuze to support itz own. Many find it easier to promote itemz on the internet to people out of town and even out of the country. But for what???? Aside from the lack of support, people also chooze not to support you unless they're already famous.
The over all message izn't to down the People in the City in New Haven, itz just open eyez up and awaken the dead. Therez Nothing wrong with New Haven, but therez something wrong with the New Haven State of Mind. How can we be able to Make the city better if we abandone it?? How can we put the city on the Map when people are ashamed to say there from it??? We talk about the young kidz running wild, however we don't want to talk or teach them the way. Who can uplift the distressed than the person who haz lived through the exact struggle?

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