Monday, August 9, 2010


So this past weekend I had the honor of being a Groomsman in my Pookie'z mom'z wedding renewal. Not for nothin but I had the illest time. Yo the number one question from half way everybody waz when are me and pookie getting married? A question we've heard a lot of in the past year. Hey trust me when the time iz right i'm going down on that one knee and going to make Veronica Mrs. Brown. Hey it took me yearz to find true love that waz genuine. And i'm not going to let it slip away from my grasp. But all I have to say iz, GIVE UZ TIME!!!! we had an ill time. Man i had to pull out the tux or the tooley on em!!! LOL! first time I wore a conventional suit in five yearz!!!! I had to throw my touchez on it with the jewelz and the Beat red Bailey Pork pie. After the ceremony itself, I had to change into the dashiki suit and crush it. I mean come on yall you know I had to Show em why they call me Milt-Fresh lol! Oh snapp i'm wild, I have to congradulate My mother in law Donna Robinson and Sharrad Robinson on Renewing their vowz.

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