Saturday, August 28, 2010


If you've followed my blog more than three yearz you would know i'm a huge fan of Men's Express. I've been down with the brand since I waz in the 8th grade when it waz originally Structure(you can check back to my postz that I did on Express itemz, plus the post on Express vs Structure). Az a huge follower of their dezignz I love to collect their itemz such az button down shirtz, sweaterz, and sweater vestz. For the upcoming seazon, Express haz decided to go full steam ahead with their Military lookz. Meaning Military style Jackectz, fitted Military fitted shirtz and ect. They're kinda of shying away from that whole rocka and Roll, hipster preppy vibe that they carried for three yearz straight. When I walked into Many of their storez you could tell that waz the direction of where their brand waz going during the Aprl and May of 2010. Now what i'm really Amped to see iz the impact that their whole military influuence iz going to have on their Sweaterz. Theze two sweaterz up above are just a taste of whatz to come from the brand. I love it becauze theze sweaterz have that of a peacoat feel. My favorite would have to be the double breasted Military sweater in the first Pic. But thezehave the power to beso versitile. For my personal taste I already know i'm going to wear them underneath my dashiki suitz. But I also plan to wear them seperatly with my scarf, dress pantz, and shoez style with a wide brim. I can't wait til theze hit Express in the fall.
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Socialite said...

i love military style, its too fly!