Friday, August 6, 2010


Gearing up for the Fall Season Giorgio Brutini iz setting on coming strong with adding a touch of Flair to the classicz. For example, with theze Cap Toez they've laced them with Croc print to give them a Rich luxurious edge. Aside from the actual shoe style, I have to say no other Dress shoe company doez red like Giorgio Brutini. Every red Shoe I've seen from their company haz alwayz been a winner. Including theze red Cap toez (I guess thatz why they had to Name a Color after me, Milt-Fresh Red). I love how their uzing classic vintage stylez and mixing them with edge of Animal Print. Even though the Red iz the most Freshest Shoe of them all, they grey iz the most versitile shoe of the bunch. Contrary to popular belief grey goez with everything. Trust me, don't knock it, until you try it.

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