Monday, August 9, 2010


The biggest sartorial conversationz I have with people are about men'z shoez. My choice in footwear changez dailey, sometimez I may wear a pair of slip on driving shoez, the next maybe a boat shoe, then maybe a pair of Cap toez, and then if i'm feeling really fancy i'll pull out a pair of pointed toez. Becauze of the nature of my style I chooze to wear dress shoez with bright colorz and bold dezignz. However, when builing a wardobe itz not about how flashy and fancy your collecton iz. Itz about buying Shoez that are versitle enough to move with any outfit. Shoez that can trasition perfectly from a three peice suit to wearing khaki'z and a dress shirt. There are timez that i'll wear the same shoe the same shoe five dayz straight if I feel it complimentz my outfitz well during the week. The Shoe that I feel really going to represent thiz aspect in the fall and winter monthz, are the Giorgio Brutini Wingtipz. Many shoe companiez are dezigning shoez that are reminiscent of the classicz from yester year that my father and my unclez grew up on. And Giorgio Brutini iz capatilizing on that with theze wingtinpz. And just like their cap toe shoez, they're revamping them with Lizard print. Giving them a taste of edge. Personally i'm a fan of both the Black /gray and the tan and brown. Both pairz work well with any outfit and occassion.

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