Monday, August 2, 2010


Since Kanye'z emergence from the underground, he'z been making a lot of wavez out and about. He'z been spittin new barz(rapping) from his forth coming album on youtube. But, what's always previlent about kanye'z recent citingz, iz hiz latest sartorial selectionz. Everytime he'z phootographed and video taped wearing fortune 500 bussiness attire. The other wild part about it iz memberz of Mr. west'z Good Music collective are all dressed in black suitz and white dress shirtz az well. A roaming fashion blogger namezd William Yan, caught up with Virgiol Abloh, one of the Memberz of kanyez entourage and asked him about their latest style statement. Abloh expounded by calling it the Rosewood Movement. ending with the phrase suitz all day. Az of now that iz the only statement thatz out that pertainz to the latest style they've embraced. Many fashion sitez that try to Analyze the term Rosewood and will be here all day trying to interpet it. However, people have been wearing black suitz and white dress shirtz with black tiez for agez. Itz a standard look that keepz reinventing itself every two secondz literally. A black suit iz versitile becauze itz subtle enough to lay low but strong enough to make a point. So really therez nothing really major about it. But on Kanye and hiz crew the black ensamblez help build up hype and momentum until ye'z album release. I mean the lookz do make a statement. Imagine being in a relaxed atmosphere with everybody wearing T-shirtz , jeanz and wild sneakerz, in walkz thiz band of African American gentz wearing Black suitz. All of them confident and commanding an air of respect so az they step on the scene. It must be somethin to be out stuntin Hov at the dinner table with a suit on. But in Jay'z mind he'z been there and done that LOL! Im with it 100 percent. especially with how the style scene iz looking now. I TILTZ MY KANGOL TO THEM!

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