Sunday, October 23, 2011


I'm just going to flat out say it, I freakin can't wait for Drake's New Album to come out. I'm a huge fan of Drake because his bars represent my lifestyle at this point. When he spits he comes from the perspective of the kid who has come from a small town, made his way through the entertainment world and is now trying to adjust to having fame. And judging from the few releases Drizzy dropped during the summer, his album, dubbed Take Care, won't stop short of finding his way through the bright lights. In june of 23011 he dropped a teaser called dreams money can buy, which was a heart felt recollection of a young man standing on the outside of his life. It starts off, "I got car money, fresh start mone, I want art money, saudi money". Having all of the things most young men his age are reaching to attain, but still feeling as though he needs to attain a higher wealth. Many felt that track was a Low key Diss to Jay-z. Rumors were dismissed shortly after. Soon Drake Dropped the Summer time anthem for all the ex's who are in New Relationships Marvin's Room. Not for nothin, i'm still tryna figure out who Marvin is!!! Lol! With him singin about having a drunk random call to his ex, spawned 50 million other remix songs from the likes of Tayana Taylor, Jojo, chris brown and Many others. Afteer around September he dropped a high impact Song and video headlines. After a string of teasers and freestyles, drake's take care is looking to be a fan favorite when it drops. I must say it was smart not to drop around the same date as Yeezy & jay's watch the thrown and Lil Wayne's Carter 4. So when Drake's album does he doesn't have to be in competition with others. For me it's been a while since an Artist of drake's calibur has been able to speak to this culture. To me the Last Rapper who did so was Kanye when he came with College Dropout. Everybody has been talkin that body bag and drive buy rap. But there aren't too many who aren't afraid to be vulnerable dig past their super stardom. Many rappers want totalk about pimpin broads but are afraid to rap about Losing love in the midst ofgaining the spot light. Many are afraid to say what's real!! Drizzy's album will def be the story ofmy life when November comes.

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