Thursday, October 6, 2011


It kills me when I see the style cats on facebook and twitter frontin like they're kickin gospel. Cats talkin like they're moses holding the tablets with the 10 commandmentsto fashion, style and life. Sittin up here seeking approval and gettin approval from one another. Tryna get eachother to co-sign eachother. NOT FOR NOTHIN BUT I AM MILT-FRESH BECAUSE GOD BLESSED ME TO DO SO. I'M THE BEST DRESSED MAN ON THE PLANET BECAUSE GOD PUT ME HERE!!!!! GOD ANNOINTED THESE HANDS SO I AM KING. AND THAT'S THE HIGHEST CO-SIGN YOU COULD EVER HAVE. THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH COMPLIMENTING ONE ANOTHER BUT THESE CO-SIGNING CATS AREN'T GOGOD!!!!! GOD MADE EVERYTHING ABOUT MILT-FRESH POSSABLE. SO GOD CO-SIGNSME!!!!

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