Saturday, October 22, 2011

My favorite muse right now, Chelsea Settles

It's been a while since i've actually sat down and actually watched Tv. All of the shows that I acctually wanted to sit down and watch end up becoming a distant memories. what a hectic lifestyle I lead Lol! However, one of the shows I was able to check out was this joint on MTV called Chelsea Settles. The show is about this sexy Full figured light skinned girl who leaves her town of Pittsburg to move to LA in search of a fashion Career. What's crazy is she's having a tough transition, one with leaving her mother behind who is sick and her non supportive boy friend. But what stands out to me is Chelsea being a full figured Female and wanting to pursue fashion. Obviously the fashion industry is created for those who plan be stick figures. What many feel will be her down fall in the fashion industry is her weight. Yes 324 pounds may not be able to fit into a Balmain Dress, however that doesn't mean that chelsea isn't sexy!!!! Not for nothin, but I would date Chelsea ASAP!!!! She is my type of female. If you follow The Milt Fresh Experiece you would know my love for sexy Full figured woman. Skinny girls are cool don't get me wrong,but honestly I needs a full figured girl who could dress. Now as far as her style goes, she has a very trendy look. But like many full figured girls, they at times opt out for Flats instead of heels. They at times go for the pants instead of the dress. But if they just go that extra mile and push that style to the limit they'll def destroy the scene. And that's what I feel about Chelsea. If she really dressed hard she could be a style beast. She already has the angelic face. So her dresscode has to match. Especially if she's going into fashion. One thing I will say is, I pray that Her being in LA and setting foot into fashion doesn't influence her to lose a massive amount of weight!!!! It's like Hollywoods turns a sexy full figured girl into a Sell out fast!!!! I can understand losing a little weight but not just killing yourself to become a size 4. But I def plan on Wattching Sexy Chelsea on MTV.

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