Saturday, October 8, 2011

Come On and chill with the Virgo: Nas at his 38th birthday party

Over the years aI have been a huge fan of Nas's word play. I've even been a fan of his no holds bared dress code. No matter what Nas has always tried to stick with what I like to call street chic classic. There are points we he does try to bring back that 80's retro feel, even when it wasn't popular at the time. Here wehave Nas at his 38th B-day party and I must say I really don't know what to say about his look. Nas has always looked great when he gets dressed up, but seriously theres a lot thats off about his look right here. I mean the flashy value is there but the fit is all wrong. Dtarting with the wine color dinner jacket. That joint looks so freakin tight. It honestly doesn't look in perportion with his shape. It would have been better if it was a size bigger. Then to be honest he should have went for a white dress shirt instead of black. The black pants should have been tapperd off a tad bit to fit him.Which would have made the Adidas looked more crisp. The best thing about this look are the shades. I'm a huge of over the top flashiness when it comes to getting dressed. I'm an even bigger fan of cats makin stattements with their wardrobe. But to me this looks likenas put on the first items he saw in his closet and rolled out. Even if that's what your intent was,please make it look ill. I used to love to see Nas get dressed up. But this joint right here doesn't live up to Nas's real taste level. It just looks extra rushed. And to be honest this look could have been put together 10x better. Idk, either way, it looks like he was diggin it. He was confident. I guess thats all that matters in the end.

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